What Are The Benefits Of SEO And How To Make Use Of Keywords

What Are The Benefits Of SEO And How To Make Use Of Keywords

Search engine optimization or SEO has become one of the most powerful ways to get your business noticed by consumers who are ready and willing to purchase your products or services.

In essence the benefits of SEO include a higher ranking on search engines such as Google. This is of the utmost importance. Research by SoftwareCy has shown that there’s a huge difference between being on the first page of a results page and being on any of the subsequent pages.

The research suggests that businesses that are on the first search result page get 92% of the clicks and that falls off by 95% for every subsequent page. Obviously if you want to supercharge your sales funnel then you simply don’t want to be anywhere but on that first page.

So how does SEO help?

Well firstly it’s all about keywords. You need to analyse your use of keywords extremely carefully. These are the words that people use when looking for the products and services that you are selling. The keywords need to be optimal not only for your organization as a whole but also for each and every page on your website.

The SEO process and the identification of the correct keywords to use may not necessarily be complex – although there are some nifty pieces of software that can help you identify which words work best within your distinct competitive environment.

Here are some steps which will allow your organization to enjoy the benefits of SEO and give you that competitive advantage.

#1 Marketing Material.

Have a look at your existing marketing material and see what which keywords and phrases are used repeatedly – chances are that those should be appearing on your website as well.

#2 Analytics.

A good analytics tool will allow you to see what keywords visitors to your site have been using. These can be a great inspiration to building an even more extensive library of keywords and phrases.Google has some great tools for analysis – and they’re easy to use. Go to Youtube and you’ll find plenty of ‘how to’ videos.

Here’s a tip which will help you expand your keyword horizon. Go to Google and type in the most common search phrase for your product or service. Hit the search button. When the results come up scroll down to the bottom of the page where google will suggest alternatives – you’ve just found some of the most common keywords and phrases for your particular product or service – now make sure that they’re on your site.

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